Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Charlie Wilson War"

Just another movie on politics and war?
Saving Private Ryan, Born on the 4th of July, Pearl Harbor, they are all great war movies and continue to impress an audiance time and time again. This movie however is different according to the critic of Time who enjoyed this movie because it talked about the Iraq-Afghanistan catastrophe. This review inspires me to want to watch it because I know it won't be just politics or just war scenes but that it's contents go into much more depth than other war movies.
"The result, Charlie Wilson's War, is that seemingly impossible object these days: a picture about war and politics that has manages to be both rational and inspirational."
Don't get me wrong I love the "dumb" comedies such as Blades of Glory or the ever popular Rushmore but it's nice to have a change of pace in movies such as Charlie Wilson's War where you get the witty comedy as well as the pull my finger jokes. It seems that you get a new point of view from someone other than the sterotypical hero in this film. Charlie Wilson is not your average politician as he is a democrat from Texas who makes deals in his hot tub with naked prostitues.

"Good-time Charlie Wilson makes deals in hot tubs surrounded by naked
prostitutes. The age, pulchritude and dress code of the all-girl staff in his
Washington office show that he believes more in cleavage than in cloture. "

The vivid characters described in the critic makes me want to join the political issue from the 1960's so I can be a part of this great history. I like how it seems to show the side of Charlie Wilson that the audiance probobly wouldn't expect. It's nice to see the truth of politics. So often, we see the sugar coated version of a politicians life until we scavage to deep where we find out the things we didn't really want or care to know. It's nice to have Academy Award Nominated actors and actresses in it this film as well. This way you know the acting will be up to par and it won't be dumbed down or too overdone. This movie really seems to be something I would take interest in seeing. I typically don't love war movies only because they are so repetitive in nature but this one seems to differ. I am eager to see it and excited to see if the critic's critique is one that I agree with.


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